Skiing Towards The 2018 Olympic Games


My results recently have been pretty up and down but unfortunately more often down than up.


The Tour De Ski and the Scandinavian cup in Falun this weekend were no exception to this. The tour started off with a 4 km skate prologue, this wasn’t too bad. I finished 81st out of 93, 55secs or around 9% behind. I was hoping for a little better.


The second stage, the 15 km classic pursuit was a rough one. After time bonuses were given i was stating 1:10 behind the winner. The first 5k was great, I felt like super man and was skiing with, and in front of, quite a few people. After about 10k it was pretty clear I wasn’t actually superman and ended up struggling home in second last just on the cusp of the 15% behind, cut off limit.


It was good to have these lads and the Brit boys around for some company thats for sure!


There was then a rest day followed by a skate sprint in Switzerland. The Brits and I were pretty stoked to leave Germany, the rain and bad snow to get back to cold, sunny Switzerland and its hard packed snow. The sprint course actually had a jump and a couple of rollers thrown into it on the day before the race which was a bit of fun but unfortunately after the majority of the girls and other stereotypical scroggin-eaters winged about it all was smoothed out. This was one of the races I went a little better in, I finished 58th but still not that close (4-5 secs) to the Top 30 result I’ve beenĀ hoping for.


I then jumped on a plane to Sweden for a Scandinavian Cup on the World Championships course and a couple of days later I was racing in a 15k skate. This was probably but debatabley the worst race of my season so far, I was almost 6 minutes back and way down the list. I just skied so slowly.

The next day was a classic sprint where I was hoping to regain some of my dignity but that definitely didn’t happen. I started out slowly and tired again, just like the day before but only this time I decided to face plant it on a corner to make my race even better!! I ended up a long way back nowhere near the top 30… So unfortunately the turn around of form I was looking for hasn’t come yet and doesn’t really look like its on the horizon but maybe now with a couple of weeks of training etc I might be able to start to ski a little faster. Or at least learn to stay upright on my skis!

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  1. Reblogged this on Australian XC Skiing.

    January 11, 2015 at 07:29

    • Helen L'Huillier

      Thanks for the blog, Phil. Paul and I are enjoying your interesting and candid reports. Hang in there. I’m sure good things are not too far away. Helen L’H

      January 11, 2015 at 20:11

  2. oh well, if they’d left the rollers in and the jump you’d have nailed the race. Keep working hard xx

    January 11, 2015 at 10:03

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