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Getting slower…

I’m definitely no skiing fast that’s for sure. First World Cup of the season this weekend and it was far from what I was hoping for. Yesterday was a skate sprint and I was 91st out of 119, 17 seconds back, that’s a long way! And today I was 3:40 back in the 10k skate, just under 16% behind the winner, that’s an even longer way back!

After the first races two weeks ago, while we were still training hard, I thought I had some better results yet to give but now after a couple of easier weeks and feeling fresh I’m definitely questioning that. I just can’t figure out why I’m skiing like an old galah! I feel I’ve put in a lot more of the “train smarter” approach this year, while still training just as hard but something isn’t working for me. I can’t even blame the skis, because they’ve been fast as hell!

Next weekend we will be at the World Cup in Davos and another skate sprint. Going straight from zero altitude into 1500-1600 meters probably won’t positively affect my race result but I’ll have a solid dip anyway!

Unfortunately being outside the 15% cut 0ff means I got the boot from this “mini tour” so I’ll be sitting on the side lines cheering on Cal-boss, who has found some killer form!

Hopefully I can turn this wombat-like form of mine upside down some time soon because my future as a skier is not looking real bright at present.

Sorry for the all writing/no photos blog but I didn’t take any, next time…

Doing some racing

Had two races in Idre Fjall this weekend. A Skate sprint and a 10k skate. Initially it was meant to be a classic 10k but with insufficient snow to set classic tracks they decided to change it to skate. The following day it snowed a lot but they decided not to change it back. It was a pretty strong field and I had a pretty good day on Saturday in the sprint. I qualified in 8th, 4.12 secs back. I managed to go through until the semi finals. I was in the second semi and watching the first semi come through there was a big gap from second through to third so I thought there would be a good chance both the lucky looser spots could come from my semi if it was tighter, which it was! I finished in 3rd just behind 2nd and thought it would close for me to go through to the final but unfortunately 1st – 4th of the first semi went through, meaning I missed out by 0.8 second behind Victor Gustaffson’s time in the first semi meaning I was left outside the final in 7th.

The Sunday was a bit of a fail in contrast. It was a good course, not so hilly and should have suited me pretty well but I was pretty tired and didn’t ski well. The heats and repeated delays in the program from the day before meant I’d done a lot of skiing. I also had a major spud moment when I caught my tip in some loose snow and went down like a sack of potatoes! This was on a fairly fast section and lost me maybe 10-15 secs, not ideal!

Here’s my semi. (photo credit to Adam Johansson)


Cooked after a solid weekend of racing…


Now we are back in Falun and leaving for Lillehammer, Norway, on Wednesday to commence racing back on the World Cup circuit. It’s a mini tour in Lillehammer with the first race being a skate sprint on Friday then a 10k skate and a 15k classic (pursuit start) the following days.

Hopefully my form continues upward because there’s no room for bad races on World Cup!