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The lead in…

Once again I have left my blog too long! A lot has happened since the Tour De Ski. The main goal has been trying to go top 30 on the World Cup circuit in order to qualify for the sprint finals. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful but am slowly edging closer! Nova Mesto WC was a disappointing one finishing 59th and 13 secs back but the following week in Poland was a little better, I finished in 37th just 7 seconds back and 1.4 off top 30. This was my best WC result yet but it doesn’t give the most accurate representation because some of the Scandinavian countries had national championships that same weekend so the field was a little weaker.

Following we had 1.5 weeks in Davos at altitude in preparation for Sochi. It was then off to Val De Fiemme, Italy, for U/23 World Champs. This was a whole lot more successful. I finished 16th in Sprint Qual but then unfortunately in the quarter final I had my ski skied on sending me down and breaking a pole, so finals were fairly short lived!


It was then onto the 15km classic. This was also a pretty good race for me finishing 44th about 20 places higher than my rank.

phil_3_vdf2014Big thanks to Keebs and Ronice for donating their time to come and help out!
phil_bk_vdf2014Two days later I backed again in Italy for another skate sprint, this time, a World Cup in Dobbiaco. This was another good race for me I finished 45th but only 5 secs behind and 1.2secs off to 30 so it was super tight! And being the WC right before the Olympics everyone was there so it was good to see my form was still coming up!

Phil_5_Toblach2014 (2)Since then we have arrived into Sochi and things have been quite hectic with lots going on, including training, team reception, opening ceremony and even a bit of uniform modelling! Here is some pics!20140207_190102 20140207_191120 20140207_210135 20140207_213605 20140207_214800 20140207_215643 20140207_220241 75670_10151862209045976_1644538602_n BfsmendIMAAJiqH - Copy 20140206_150225 20140206_160229 20140206_163438 20140206_203702 20140207_171820 20140207_183447 20140207_184210 20140207_184230 20140207_184339I am lucky enough to be qualified for all individual events as well as the team sprint. Unfortunately I will skip the 30km skiathlon today to concentrate on the sprint on the 11thI would have like to do the 30 but the placement in the program wasn’t ideal. I will then race the 15km classic on the 14th and the team sprint with Cal on the 19th. I won’t race the 50k either, I would get so smashed if I did!

Hopefully all goes well on race day, getting nervous!BfxoGVoIQAAi00a - Copy