Skiing Towards The 2018 Olympic Games

The Aussie Ski Season

Yeah… So it’s been a while since my last post, and a fair bit has happened since. This season I was living, working and training out of Howmans Gap. This was a pretty good set up for me as The Boss was good enough to roster me onto shifts where I could train around, the only problem with this operation was that is was such a bad ski season! Even mid season we were coming off the hill to roller ski in the rain, it sucked! Although I didn’t have a whole lot of goals for this season, most of my goals are based around this upcoming European season, there were a few good things that came out of this season. I managed to win my first Australian Championship in the skate sprint at Falls Creek, I continued to lower my FIS point average and somehow I pulled off a good race on Hoppet weekend which is a rarity for me! Here’s a few snaps to give you a bit of an insight to the season…

NordiX finalFinal of Sprint-X at Lake Mountain


NordiX jumpJump sesh after Sprint-X


Three boysThe Boys! Mid session at Falls


classic falls10km Classic, AUS Champs, Falls Creek


perisha podiumPodium at Perisha, Classic Spirnt


Night sprints podiumPodium for Hoppet night sprints


hoppet startHoppet Start, in a good spot!


hoppet finishFinishing the Hoppet, absolutely cooked!


uni games podiumPodium at Uni Games, Thredbo


shirtless ski

Back to training and trying to get as many rays as we can before heading back into another long winter!


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