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Canmore World Cup

So the Canmore World Cup didn’t quite go to plan quite like I had hoped….

I was feeling good coming into this race having adjusted more to the altitude and the course from when I had raced here two weeks prior. On the day I was feeling pretty fresh and ready to go as well. Come the time trial, everything was going well for a while, I felt I was skiing solidly up the major climbs to the top of the course but when it came to coming back down, this was where I cooked up some fail.


The course is pretty much all up and then all back down. So coming off the flat at the top of the course and into the fast downhill I was putting in my last couple of big single time pushes before I was about to get into but because I struggle with the basics sometimes I managed to bring my pole smack down into my ski! This sent me spinning around and diving my but into the snow. I came to a complete stop and struggled to regain speed over the rest of the downhill and into the finish straight. Pretty devastating…

After the adrenaline wore off I soon came to the realization of how hard the snow was as I could barely sit down for the next couple of days, ouch :/

Although the rest of the team has gone now, I am still in Canmore for another week of training with all my mates (no one) and fly out to Europe on boxing day to meet up with Georgia and Vandy and soon after the Junior team.

Also a big shout out to PK for making his World Cup debut! Cal for his best ever World Cup result! And Esbott for a Mad 46th!

Thanks to Finn, August, Matt and the Canadian wax techs for support and making the past 3 weeks a success!